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7 Reasons Why Security Is Needed During Construction

As a General Contractor, site manager and or project manager you hold a lot of responsibility ensuring the safety and security of both employees on site as well as material for the project. Construction sites are often volatile even when everything is on schedule and going smooth. It doesn’t take much and small accidents, mistakes and or theft can prove to be very detrimental. This is why most will agree that is not only a good idea but often times essential to have a well-trained Security Officer on site. Issues such as theft, vandalism, and waste can drain budgets quickly and cause the relationship between the construction company and owner to be very difficult to say the least! Many of our customers started off with security cameras thinking it was the fix all and soon come to realization that nothing replaces having a trained officer on site. Here is a list of 7 reasons every construction site should have highly trained professional Security Officer on site.


Construction materials such as copper, concrete blocks, wood, siding and shingles are a very short list of things that are commonly stolen on a construction site. Most of the above items can bring top dollar on the black market and are not marked or labeled in anyway making it near impossible to ever recoup your material once it’s gone. Many companies choose to gamble and wait until something happens but often times it only takes one incident to drain a budget which can put stress on a relationship between owners and contractors.  This more than once has proven to be the most costly option! We recently were contracted by a general contractor to supply security for a construction site. The phone call went like this: “Yes, I’m looking to get an estimate for security at one of our sites. We recently had an incident and management is mandating we have security.” Me wanting to know all the details before starting the job I asked what was the incident? They replied by saying: “last Saturday we had 90 THOUSAND DOLLARS worth of equipment stolen!” Obviously this wasn’t just lumber and a few cinder blocks, the thieves took some heavy equipment and used that same equipment to load thousands of dollars worth of material into a trailer before loading the tractors and pulling off the job site never to be seen again! In this case the construction company could have hired security 24 hours a day 2 times over before even coming close to exceeding that hefty price tag! Theft can be detrimental and is easily preventable.


Ensuring that the correct personnel are on site and that unauthorized persons are not go hand in hand with safety, theft and vandalism. Having unauthorized persons on site can cause a distraction at best and can lead to much worse if not handled properly. Often times construction companies will have fired an unruly or angry employee. Unless everyone on the site knows they can often times slip through the cracks and cause havoc on your site out of spite or monetary gain.


Trained Security Officers on site can help in reducing waste as well. Security Officers can ensure that all scrap material is managed properly and placed in the proper locations. Often times employees look at this material as “extra” and don’t consider it theft to take it or give it away. These materials can often times be used on other construction sites and or given to charities.


Like mentioned before relationships between general contractors and owners can be great …..until budgets are drained and things come up missing. Then the “great debate” begins.  Who is responsible and who is going to pay to replace the material that was stolen..  Discussing these budget responsibility is never easy.  These conversations are much more easier to have prior to the project starting.  If having security on site is billed into the over all budget before the project begins it looks like pennies to the owners and is often never even consider to be an “extra cost.”


Vandalism is often a problem on construction sites. Unauthorized people can cause damage to material and equipment for “fun” and or for their own agenda in order to slow or hinder your progress on site. This can cost money to repair and or replace items and can also cause a lot of stress on both the construction company and owner.


Safety is always or at least should always be of top importance on a job site. Even when all policies are followed accidents can occur from simple mistakes to mother nature herself. Adding the risk of having unwanted or unauthorized guest on site only amplifies your risk or safety issues. Having trained Security Officers on site ensures that only authorized persons are on property. Security Officers can also enforce policies such as eye protection and hard hat usage.


Security Officers and can also assist in the event that employees become unruly and or show up in a condition unfit for work. Although this may not be a common issue it can and has been issues for our customers in the past. Our Officers are trained to handle unruly, intoxicated or angry individuals and can do it in a safe and respectful manner. This allows work to continue undisrupted and with minimal distraction to other employees.
Every site has its own specific challenges to deal with from theft to safety and vandalism. It only takes one incident to cost you more than a year worth of security. Often times insurance rates are raised which result in thousands of dollars over a course of time. Contact us today to ensure your site stays secure and profitable! WWW.NTACTSECURITY.COM


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