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Common Misconceptions in The Security Guard Industry: They are not all created equal…

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The purpose of this blog is to outline a list of the most common misconceptions of a Security Guard also known as a Security Officer. Many people may work closely with a Security Guard and others may only come in contact or see one when visiting their local mall.  The fact is there are many misconceptions when it comes to this industry and I wan to clear them up for you. I have worked in law enforcement for 10 years prior to coming into the private sector. Prior to coming into the private security industry, I had a few misconceptions myself. In my mind every Security Officer fit into the paul blart, mall cop category and were mainly warm bodies in a uniform. That is not true and even though there is a percentage of Security Officer that do fall into these categories I have in fact came in contact with Security Officer who were more highly trained then most law enforcement. Keep reading and let me know if you were guilty for believing any of the following:

Security Guards are not educated or trained

This often times is not the fault of the Security Officer but the fault of the security firm they work for. I can not speak for every state, but MOST states require Security Officers to obtain several different licensing depending on the level of security they are working in. In Florida an Officer must have a D license in order to preform unarmed security and a G license in order to work as an armed Officer. Both of these licenses require classroom work and the G license requires the officers to shoot hundreds of rounds and qualify with a firearms instructor. At N-Tact Security our Officers come to us with the minimal state requirements in order to fulfill the job as a Security Officer. Once hired they attend a week-long mini academy which is specific training for the post they will be assigned to. We also provide advanced training to our Officers some of which have completed several different levels of firearms training from basic pistol to advance carbine and tactical pistol classes. So although there are some that are not very well trained, there are many who are very highly trained.

Security Guards will scare customers or tenants:

This is an outdated ideology that Security Officers are mean, scary and make people feel they are in a unsafe place. Now days security is more important than ever. Bad things happen to good people in great neighborhoods all the time. People no longer hire security just to fix a problem, they also hire security to prevent problems or bring peace of mind. Our Officers are encouraged to interact with the people in the community that they serve. They are friendly, professionally dressed and highly trained not only in the skills they need to protect life and property, but are trained in customer services as well.

Security Officers are too expensive:

Depending on the level of security you require it can be expensive, however it is much cheaper than you would think. In places such as housing communities, Home owners’ associations (HOAs), apartment complexes, malls, country clubs and more we are able to save our customers on an average of 10% – 15% on their insurance. For some that is a huge number. When considering that number most of our clients find that they are spending very little on their security needs. We also have found on some properties after employing security, insurance claims were reduced, theft was reduced, and vandalism was reduced. These are all elements you do not want on your property, and elements that not only reduce the value of the property but raise the cost associated with your property as well.

Security Officers need constant supervision:

Security Officers are just like any other employee in any other industry. There are some great Officers and there are the stereotypical lazy Officers. At N-Tact Security those Officers have no place within our firm. This stereotypical idea of Officers was created by security firms who instead of investing time into their hiring process they throw warm bodies in a uniform with minimal qualifications to fill a spot. We strive to only hire motivated, self-disciplined Officers and that is why over 70% of all of our Officers come to us with prior military and or law enforcement experience. As an added feature for the safety of our Officers and our clients we have also fitted our Officers with personal GPS devices. These devices ensure our Officers are where they need to be when they need to be there, and they are patrolling where they need to be patrolling. It also has built in safety features which notify a supervisor if the GPS experience a sudden stop as in a vehicle crash, or a sudden hard fall.

Security officers are public employees:

Often, people consider security a public employee and lump them in with law enforcement, public safety, emergency management and fire rescue. Security Officers although trained to be public servants, they are employed by private security firms and work on behalf of the security firms client.


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