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In Case Of Emergency

ICE, which stands for “In Case Of Emergency,” was originally developed in the mid 2000s and has most certainly saved countless lives sense it has been implemented. It was originally designed to instruct individuals to make “ICE” contacts in their phone, this way if you were hurt badly and could not speak, paramedics could access your phone and talk to someone on your behalf.

This idea is great, and it worked wonderfully for years but now days we have smart phones and everything has become more secure. With that being said the majority of all cell phones have some form of password in order to access the phone, causing the original idea to be null and void!

There is good news though! There has been a new and improved version of ICE now implemented which I believed is even better than before.

As a deputy I responded to many emergencies where individuals couldn’t speak for themselves. Some were hurt traumatically such as a car accident or a fight and others were experiencing medical emergencies like strokes and seizures. The first thing professionals will do is check your purse and or wallet for identification. We do this so that we can search your name and find any information on you that may be beneficial. If not at your house we can find an address to send a deputy to, if we are at the victim’s house we would be searching for next of kin in order to answer medical questions.

With the ICE card the best placement is directly behind the driver’s license. This ensure that when a law enforcement officer and or a medical professional pulls your identification, they will see your ICE card. Your ICE card should have your complete medical history with a list of all current medications and allergies along with your next of kin and their contact information.

By implementing the ICE card behind your identification, professionals can figure out who you are, your medical condition, allergies that exist and be able to contact your next of kin for any further questions. What would have taken several steps and an extensive amount of time, can now be done in matter of minutes with an ICE card.

Simply google free ICE card and you may take your pick of several different styles you can print, for free! I suggest after printing and filling it out that you have it laminated to keep it from wear and tear.

This article was not written for only the elderly or individuals with sever medical conditions. I have responded to several calls for service where individuals well under the age of 21 were injured seriously and they had no ICE card.

If you are reading this, take a few minutes today and implement this life saving idea into your life. If you already have, please share this article with someone else and together we may save a life 😊


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