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Many people believe that making their residence more secure will be costly including purchasing top of the line security systems and the newest tech and gadgets. Let us share with you a simple trick to secure your residence for a massive investment of $2.50!

Working as a Deputy Sheriff, I have kicked in a few doors myself. I remember the first time I kicked open a door like it was yesterday! I wish it was more exciting story for you but it wasn’t. I responded to a call where an elderly female had fallen and needed help. I was able to make contact with her through the window and asked her if there was a spare key outside. Her exact words were: “No, just break in, please I need help.” I ran to the front door to make entry. I was so new at this point the closest experience I had to kicking in a door was watching actions films : ). I pulled up my gun belt, took a couple steps back and hit the door as hard as I could. The door came flying open with little to NO resistance. My momentum carried me into the living room and over a coffee table, causing a decent size hole in the wall behind the door and me breaking a coffee table ; / My sergeant responded and said: “Wow, next time why don’t you just run your squad car into the front of the residence” Its funny now, but wasn’t then! You see we are all under the impression when we lock and dead bolt our doors they are secure, but in fact they are not secure at all!

As a Deputy Sheriff, I responded to countless calls where the “bad guy” made entry into the house right through the front or rear door of the residence. In some of these cases the family was home causing them to experience one of the scariest most dangerous incidents of their life. In fact I would be willing to say that most burglaries and home invasions the “bad guy” makes entry through the front or rear door over 60% of the time!

Most strike plates on doors are secured with screws no longer then 1″ long! That means your front and rear door, yes even when you deadbolt your lock its all being secured by a 1″ screw, screwed into some pretty trim work that my 9 year old could break over his knee! So what do we do to reinforce our doors?!

Simple! Replace the screws! By replacing the 1″ screws that come with most locking systems and using a 4″ deck screw you secure your strike plate and door frame to the 2×4 stud which is used to frame out your door.

This ensures your door is much harder to kick in! Its not the very best option of corse, but for the price of $2.50 it is an investment worth making. No one purchases life insurance planning on dying, we do it because we love our family and our safety. Make the $2.50 and 5 minute investment this week for the same reason!

This is not the very best of the best in securing your residence but does make it very more secure and much more difficult to kick in your door. For more options on making your door more secure feel free to contact us, we would love to share with you some more tricks and tips!


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