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Security at Public Events

Security at Public Events

Acts of violence are prevalent in this word, and unfortunately, innocent people’s lives are taken by violent perpetrators and mentally-ill individuals. It seems it’s not safe to go anywhere these days. Violent incidents have happened in shopping malls, schools, nightclubs, airports, and even during church services! With the rise of gun violence, there’s a division when it comes to the gun control issue. According to this statistic, more people are in favor of gun control ownership. If you’re planning a public event, you may be worried about security and how to keep your guests safe. That’s where N-Tact Security comes into play. They are a specialized security force that offers services in settings such as retail, residential, executive, events, construction, and commercial. They also provide K-9 services. Contact N-Tact to coordinate security at your next public event. N-Tact’s security officers are prepared to handle any crowd, from private parties to large events such as political rallies, concerts, sporting events, and more.

What to Expect at Your Public Event?

When you choose the event security service, the security officers will meet with the event sponsor(s) to assess the location, called a Threat Assessment. Afterward, they will tell you the best strategies to prevent injuries from attending patrons. N-Tact officers will monitor entries and exits; parking lots, check for a dress code violation and intoxicated patrons; and assist at closing time by encouraging patrons to leave. The officers will arrive at the location before the event to familiarize themselves with the ingresses and egresses. N-Tact will ensure the name, security license number, and a copy of his or her ID of each person assigned to the event.

During the event, officers will check ID’s of patrons at entry ensuring they’re 18 years old and over and see if anyone is intoxicated. They will patrol the area (indoor and outdoor) and watch for any disorderly conduct. The emergency exits are monitored to make sure no one obstructs them. Every half-hour or so, personnel will do a patron count of everyone on the premises. In addition to ensuring your event is safe, N-Tact personnel will also monitor the noise level and get patrons safely to their vehicles.

If for some reason you notice suspicious behavior, please don’t try to be a superhero and cause unnecessary panic! Instead, keep your distance away from the suspicious person and notify a security officer. They’ll handle the situation. Some examples of questionable behavior include wandering around, looking nervous, and driving a vehicle slowly on the premises.

There are always news reports of violence and innocent people are victims of such heinous acts. In addition to planning the details of your event, you need to consider how will you keep your guests safe. If you plan an event soon, consider hiring N-Tact Security. They are trained in monitoring large events and specialized in keeping patrons safe. By having added security at your event, you can have a peace of mind that N-Tact will deliver on their promise to “provide nothing but the best security services!”


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