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Security in the trending Internet Cafe's

It is no secret that the now trending internet cafes can be dangerous places. A quick Google search will result in thousands of cases of violent robberies, murders, and theft at different cafés across the state. It’s a shame that this has not been addressed.

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Regardless of your thoughts on internet café’s the people visiting have the right to be there and to enjoy themselves without being concerned for their safety. As owners and managers of these establishments it is their responsibility to put in the proper measures to keep their customers safe. In order to ensure the safety of the customers, we must first look at why they are being targeted? Everyone has opinions but I want to address three major factors when it comes to why criminals are targeting these establishments.


  • Soft Targets

    – Most internet cafés would consider themselves “gun free zones.” In our opinion, this theory has never worked. If a criminal planned on obeying your “rules” of no firearms allowed on your property, they certainly wouldn’t intend on breaking the law by committing armed robbery. I would not “encourage” your customers to carry a firearm. However, don’t discourage the law-abiding concealed carry permit holders from carrying their firearm in your establishment by hanging gun free signs on your doors. This just in bolds the coward of a criminal by telling him he is not going to be faced with equal or greater force.


  • Large amounts of cash

    – Statically most robberies in these cases are a recent customer or an acquaintance of a recent customer and or ex-employee. Regardless, the criminal enters your facility with knowledge about where the money is, how it is stored and your policy on when you drop your money. Policies and procedures need to be put in place and employees need to ensure they do not become complacent when dealing with money. Money must be secured properly in a safe that the employee can not access. If safes can be opened, they should have a timer on them which has delayed access. This is not to ensure the money is not taken this is to harden yourself as a target. You will not keep anything a secret in these circumstances. When the criminal does his research prior to striking and he realizes the safe cannot be accessed, he will move on to a softer target where the safe is easier to access.


  • Lack of a credible security firm

    – It seems that security firms are trending just as much as internet cafes these days. Cities across Florida are requiring internet cafes to have 24/7 security, and this has caused an influx in less than credible security firms. N-Tact Security was established well before this was a trend and prides itself in providing Security Officers above and beyond the industry standard. Many of our Officers have prior law enforcement and or military experience and are provided with continued training throughout their employment. These security firms can be very enticing due to their price point. Most are charging $5 – $8 dollars under the standard prices and can accomplish this by avoiding paying for general liability insurance, workers compensation and the proper licensing to do the work they were hired to do. Most will only accept cash and will only pay their Officers in cash in order to evade taxes. If you are considering a security firm, ask to see their insurance and proper license. Keep in mind you are held to a standard as well when hiring a security firm to protect your customers. If the Officer is injured on the job and the security firm does not have workers compensation whose workers compensation is going to take the hit? If the Officer is not properly trained and he injures a customer and or fires his weapon recklessly who is held liable when no paper trail was ever established? These security firms are hurting the industry by lowering the standards of Security Officers and providing a false sense of security when security matters most.


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