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Security Isn't “Just Carrying a Gun”

At N-Tact Security, we offer professional, ethical and dedicated security services to our clients.

That’s different than just hiring someone to show up at your property, or at an event or business location, to provide security services.

What’s different about dedicated security work is we commit ourselves to the ideals of public health and safety, and to our client’s welfare, in ways that general purpose security companies often don’t think about. We’re a top-tier security firm partly because we put ourselves in our customer’s shoes to understand their needs, and also because we have built a superior model for offering security services.

When you go back and read the military memoirs of top generals who have proven their expertise on the battlefield, you often come across the idea of the “warrior scholar.” It’s the idea that while brute force is sometimes effective, there are other situations where strategy and planning take you much further toward victory. That’s the idea that we strive to embody each day at N-Tact Security, to keep our clients and theirs assets secure.

Medical Expertise

Of course, everyone wants their security service to be on the offense. And we are – every day. Our teams have military experience and law enforcement prowess, and they are abundantly up to that job.

However, they are also well trained in medical response. Our investment in CPR, first aid and medical training pays off in the unlikely event that there is an active threat on the scene, despite our proactive security efforts. Security experts know that “the only sure thing is chaos” and they also know how to plan ahead, and plan for contingencies. And that saves lives.

Planning for the Day

At N-Tact Security, we also put a high level of detail into planning for the services we provide.

If it’s an event, we’re assessing the scene before the event takes place. If it’s executive and personal safety, we’re looking at the client’s typical trajectories and habits to anticipate what we will need to do to make every step as secure as possible. We are an “analytical” firm – we’re data-driven in ways that set us apart from the average security service. It’s all about refining what we offer to clients, to give them better value and keep them and their assets safe.

Business and Personal Security

We also offer a broad array of security services. We offer armed and unarmed escort security, event security and K-9 security services. We offer assessments for commercial properties and construction site security services that involve lowering liability for business clients.

We also hold ourselves to a standard: over 60% of our security professionals have prior military or law enforcement experience. That, plus our training and on-boarding processes, and our commitment to thinking through best practices, really provide our clients with vibrant security in order to maintain calm and confidence.

When you need adequate security services, whether it’s for your business, your home or yourself, you need partners that recognize what kind of job security is, and who are up to the challenge. Talk to us about achieving success together, and how we can give you peace of mind when you need it most.


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