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The importance of professional Security Officers in hotels and resorts

Florida is arguably a top destination for vacationers from all around the world. A combination of Florida’s warm weather, Daytona’s amazing beaches and Orlando’s magical theme parks such as Disney attract visitors by the droves daily. In order to accommodate for a large number of vacationers and visitors Florida holds, hotels, motels and high-end resorts have been constructed all over our state.


Tourist is a vital part of Florida’s economy, however anytime there are a lot of people in one area you can be certain there will be crime present. This is why security is a vital component for your resort. Nowadays, customers can quickly search online and find reviews for any business to see what others have said. Resort managers and owners do their best to accommodate each visitor as much as possible in order to keep them happy and the reviews high. Security is not only essential in doing this but a necessity in today’s world. Professional Security Officers can be a great method for catching criminals in the act and a deterrent for criminal activity on your property. Often times your guest are arriving at all hours of the night. When working with a professional Security Guard firm you can be certain these Officers are trained to make your guest feel welcome and safe while checking in to their room late at night.


Having professionally dressed security in your hotel or resort brings a level of professionalism and luxury that is priceless. I would like to share with you an event that I observed take place while visiting a resort in the Orlando area.


My family and I were on vacation at a resort in the Orlando area. This was a beautiful resort with lazy rivers, cabanas, tiki bars, and water slides. Something for the whole family as they would say. While relaxing with the family I heard a mother scream, her baby had wandered off and she could not find him. She frantically began to scream while searching in the immediate area. I can not begin to even imagine the thoughts going through her head as I’m sure her baby could not swim and we were surrounded by large pools and lazy rivers. I watched the mother as she ran past several servers, bartenders and other vacationers and straight to the professionally dressed security officer who was standing at the entrance of the pool area. She frantically explained to the Security Officer what happened and asked for his help. Being in the industry I take note of how the Officer responds and how the situation is handled, as I help search myself. I observed the officer reach to his back, pull a radio from his waistband and calmly provide the information to the other Officers on site. Next, you know there were neatly groomed professional looking officers searching the area while other Officers assumingly viewed security camera footage. Within 2 minutes with the use of security camera footage and Officers on the ground, they essential searched the entire area and was able to locate the boy on the opposite side of the pool area.


This is a prime example of the kind of things that happen frequently at hotels and resorts. Having the Officers there instantly brought some form of comfort for the mother. Having the resources in place as they did reunite her with her child and who knows possibly saved the child’s life.


Security at hotels across the country has been put under a microscope after the shooting at the Mandalay Bay took place. In reality, this tragedy could have happened at almost any hotel across the country. We are living in a different day and age. Security now, more than ever, is not only essential for a great customer experience but for the safety of the visitors and others.


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