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Common Business Security Vulnerabilities and How to Fix Them


Buying a commercial building is a big step for a business owner. In most cases, this purchase signifies that a business is growing. Once you find and purchase a commercial space for your business, you need to work on keeping it secure. A burglary occurs every ten seconds in the United States. This means the chances of your business being robbed are quite high.

Failing to work on finding and fixing the vulnerabilities your commercial building has can result in lots of losses over time. The following are some of the most common security vulnerabilities commercial buildings have and what can be done to properly address them.

A Lack of Video Surveillance

Unless your business operates 24 hours a day, you will be unable to keep an eye on everything. Instead of lying awake at night and losing sleep over what might be going on at your commercial building, you need to invest in some video surveillance. Most business owners fail to realize just how beneficial a set of security cameras can be. Modern security cameras provide business owners with the ability to view a live feed from their security cameras remotely.

This means you can pull up this feed from anywhere with an Internet connection. Getting the right cameras chosen and installed is more challenging than you probably realize. At N-Tact Security, we use cutting-edge technology to help our clients secure their commercial buildings. Our team can connect to your cameras and view them remotely for you to ensure your building is safe. With our help, you can keep burglars at bay.

Updating Your Security Equipment is Essential

Some business owners think that they can buy a security system one time and never have to upgrade or replace it. In reality, security systems become outdated and will have to be replaced to keep a commercial building safe. If your existing security equipment is old or ineffective, you have to fix this problem immediately. Unless your existing security system offers monitoring, it needs to be replaced.

Before you choose a security system for your commercial building, you need to consider the needs you may have in the future. For instance, if you plan on adding on to your existing commercial building at some point, you need a security system that can grow with your business.

Properly Secure the Windows in Your Commercial Building

Taking the time to inspect the various parts of your commercial building is important when trying to discover security vulnerabilities. If you find broken windows during your inspection, you need to have them fixed immediately. You also need to think about putting window alarm sensors in place. By doing this, you can sound an alarm if the windows in your commercial building are breached by burglars.

We Can Help Secure Your Building

If you are unsure about how to fix the security vulnerabilities your commercial building has, contact N-Tact Security and let us help you out. We offer a number of services that are designed to increase building security.