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How to Keep Your Home Safe and Secure This Holiday Season


On average, the number of home burglaries in the United States increases by nearly 18% during the holiday season. Rather than falling victim to one of these robberies, you need to work hard to secure your residence. Going out of town or having packages delivered to your home without the right amount of security can lead to big problems. 

The first step in this process is inspecting your home and uncovering vulnerabilities that exist. If you are unsure about how to do this, working with a residential security expert is a good idea. With their help, you can find and address security vulnerabilities in a hurry. Below are some things you can do to keep your home safe and secure this holiday season. 

Implement Smart Package Delivery Techniques

Approximately 1.7 million packages are stolen from homes in the United States annually. These thefts cost consumers over $9 billion. Rather than leaving your packages exposed, you need to find and implement smart package delivery techniques. One of the best ways to keep burglars at bay is by having your packages held at your local post office or another shipping facility. 

While you will have to travel to pick up these packages, it will be worth the effort. You also need to keep a close eye on package tracking information so you can figure out exactly when it will arrive. Staying informed during the package shipping process can help you get the items you need without the risk of them being taken by thieves. 

Check Your Home’s Doors and Windows

Figuring out where home security improvements need to be made is only possible if you perform an in-depth inspection of your residence. During this inspection, you need to test all of your doors and windows. Making sure the locks on your doors are functional is crucial. You also need to make sure that your windows are locked and secure. 

If you discover damage to one of the locks on your doors or windows, having it replaced quickly is a must. Trying to handle this home improvement project alone can lead to many mistakes being made. This is why hiring a security professional to help you choose and install a new door or window lock is a wise move. 

Use Remote Viewing Technology

For most people, the holiday season means many trips out of town. Keeping an eye on things while you are gone is difficult without a state-of-the-art security camera system. When choosing a security camera system, you need to make sure it has remote viewing capabilities. 

With remote viewing, you can take a look at a live feed of your cameras from your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Being able to see what is going on in your home while you are away can give you peace of mind, which makes these cameras a great investment. 

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