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For years our options have been extremely limited as to who we can use for a credible, affordable security alarm. It has been even worse for people living in apartments or other places for a temporary amount of time.

Introducing the Ghost Guard Secure! The Ghost Guard Secure is the first and ONLY plug and play security and home automation device. 10 years in law enforcement I have seen alarms defeated and what people thought was true security was only a false sense of security.

The Ghost Guard is by far the most impressive resilient alarm you will find on the market! Ghost Guard uses top of the line, cutting edge technology that was originally developed and used in the military while dealing with explosives!

We have taken that same technology and turned it into the most impressive state of the art alarm. With the alarm pictured above you can literally plug it in and within 30 seconds every door and window in your residence is secure. No wires, sensors or annoying double sided tape! Its one device the size of a DVD player that is able to protect your entire house.

The Ghost Guard comes with a list of other accessories and capabilities if your the techy type and want to really unleash all the benefits and technology Ghost Guard has to offer! If you can imagine it, the Ghost Guard Secure can more than likely do it! Below is a short list most certainly not all inclusive on what the Ghost Guard Secure can really do!

Ghost Guard also offers:
1.) Energy savings 
2.) Home automation 
3.) Live video feed 
4.) Compatible with Alexa 
5.) Wifi capable 
6.) Compatible with most smart home devices! 
5.) Complete control from anywhere in the world. 
6.) Peace of mind knowing your secure!

Ghost Guard is scheduled to reach the market in July 2018!

For more information be sure to click on the link “Ghost Guard” above and enter your information. This guarantees you a discount on your Ghost Guard as well! We will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible with more information!


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