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The 5 Basic Steps to Ultimate Home Security

The Basic 5 Steps to Ultimate Home Security
Nothing is more important to most of use than the safety and security of ourselves and loved ones. So many of us don’t take security into consideration until its to late. I don’t know if there is a way to fact check this fun fact, but I was once told the average victim of burglary or home invasion installs an alarm on their residence within 72 hours of the crime.

Its great they are taking that small step to ensure their families safety, however if they were focused on being proactive instead of reactive they could have potentially prevented themselves and their family from being a victim.

I wanted to keep this short enough that most would take the time to read it, but long enough to give the needed information so I decided to break it down to the infamous 5 D’s of home security. If you haven’t heard the 5 D’s of security before, please take notes and complete a self-evaluation of where you are weakest. If you have continue to read and comment below your thoughts or opinions.

  1. DETER

Deterring the crime all together could arguably be the most important step in this whole process and the reason it is listed first. If we can deter the criminal, all together we are going to save ourselves and families a lot of hard ache. So, the question we have to ask ourselves is what does the bad guy/girl look for? Depending on your budget there is several things you can do to make your home a hardened, less desirable target. There are a few things every criminal looks for when deciding on their next victim. They often include: alarm signage, dogs or the evidence of dogs’ present, cameras, concealable from roadway and people present. If the criminal can check all of those off his list, you can guarantee your house is a prime target for a burglary or worse.

So what steps should you take?

  1. Amazon and several other online retailers sell alarm signs and stickers for a very minimal price. If you can afford to we ultimately suggest buying a good alarm system. If budget does not allow it, then at minimal make the criminal think you have one.
  2. GET A DOG! Ok, ok I know that is not always a viable option but if you can and are considering it make sure you go with an intelligent larger breed. If you can’t then make it look as if you do have a big dog. Large dog bowls on the back porch, beware of dog sign or a large dog house in the back yard will do a lot psychologically to the criminal.
  3. Trim bushes and trees so that your house is visible to the road and or your neighbors. Everyone loves their privacy but unfortunately so does the criminal.
  4. If you can afford cameras get cameras and be sure that you have the ability to monitor them remotely. If you can not afford cameras they sell dummy cameras for under $20.00 dollars!


Ultimately, we would love to deter any criminal from looking at us as a potential victim, but despite best efforts nothing is bullet proof here and the chance of us becoming a victim, although reduced is still there.

When we think of detection, two forms of detection that come to mind are: low tech and high tech. Most of you can probably get a good idea of some high tech methods of detection such as basic alarms, driveway motion alarms and motion detecting lights. However what are some basic free and or cheap low tech methods of detection. First and for most our neighbors are our biggest allies! If you don’t know your neighbor get to know them. Once you find out that they aren’t quite as creepy as you once thought then trim your bushes! If your neighbor knows who should and shouldn’t be at your house and they are able to see your house, this is often times the best form of detection!

Placing things such as gravel around your windows or walkways makes noise that can alert you or a dog that an intruder is nearby.

  1. DENY

If the criminal has not been deterred and or detected the next step is to deny access to your home. Now, can we truly deny access to someone long term if they truly want to make entry to your home? The answer is no, not as long as you live in a normal house with things such as windows and wood framed roof. In the middle ages things such as moats, tall walls and bridges were built to keep the enemy out, but since most of us live in HOAs or just don’t want to take the plunge onto the FBIs secret list we have to take different measures. Now days we can use things such as deadbolts, thorny bushes in front of windows, reinforced door frames and secured windows.

  1. DELAY

In reality, there is no such thing as truly denying a criminal access. If they truly want to gain entry to your house with the right tools and an ample amount of time they can easily do so. I’m sure you have heard the saying before, locks only keep out the honest man. I read a statistic once that said if a criminal is delayed for more than 2 minutes while trying to gain entry into your residence or anywhere for that matter, they will leave.

Delaying a criminal into your residence employees a lot of the same techniques that you would use to “deny” access. Good locks, security window film, thorny bushes and simply LOCKING doors and windows. I can not begin to tell you all the burglaries I worked while in law enforcement where the criminal just opened an unlocked door, rather it be your house or vehicle.


Being put in a serious life or death situation is something none of us hope we are ever put in, but in reality, the possibility is there and if you are not trained and have a clear understanding of what your going to do the results could be devastating. I would hate to be the one lying on my back unprepared while a cowardly criminal harmed me or my family. Luckily for us most criminals are cowards they would rather run then fight most of the time. Just like anyone else though when confronted they have two options fight or flight. If they chose fight remember they owe nothing to you and obviously do not have any compassion or respect for you or your family. I have over 15 years of martial arts experience I can tell you as I’m sure you know not all martial arts is created equal. Make sure you get correct training for real life scenarios. If you buy a firearm get the appropriate training to utilize that firearm appropriately! I have traveled all over doing different presentation and a question I often ask is: “Who here believes buying a white coat makes you a doctor?…… Then why do you feel buying a gun makes you safer?” Owning a firearm is a great way to protect yourself but you need the proper training to do so safely and effectively.

Thanks for taking the time to read the blog if you have any questions, comments and or an idea for our next topic be sure to leave a comment below!

Stay Safe, Stay Vigilant, Stay Trained!


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