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Apartment Complex Safety And Security


The National Center for Health Statistics reports that almost three thousand people die yearly from gun violence in Florida. Many families have lost loved ones due to apartment complex violence. Landlords have a responsibility to protect their residents, especially in Florida, where Apartment Complex Negligence lawsuits help families recover damages after suffering a loss due to an apartment complex owner’s failure to fulfill their legal duty to provide adequate security measures. Landlords can take the following steps to provide a safe living environment for their tenants.

Assess Foreseeable Harm

Study crime statistics for the area in which your apartment complex is located. Knowing the likelihood of violence in the area can help you make decisions about the necessary security measures. It’s also important to keep an eye on the activity at the apartment complex itself. If you’ve been made aware of violence and disruptions on the property, then you should be taking steps to keep your tenants’ safety a priority.

Create a Safe Environment

Areas where violence often happens should be made as safe as possible. For example, it’s vital to ensure that there is proper lighting in common areas. Adequate lighting in hallways, lobbies, parking lots, and sidewalks can deter criminal activity. Individual apartment units should be equipped with working locks on doors and windows.

Warn Tenants

Suppose a landlord becomes aware of recent criminal activity occurring in the area, such as sexual assaults, robberies, or break-ins. In that case, they should take steps to mitigate the risk to their tenants, the least of which is warning them.

Provide Security Services

Electronic security systems, such as those with live monitoring, can make a big difference in keeping your tenants safe. An electronic security system allowing entry only to tenants with a key card can also go a long way. Securities guards who monitor the apartment complex are an excellent defense against apartment complex violence. It should be noted that apartment complex owners can be held liable if they hire someone without adequate background checking. Hiring security guards from a competent security company is the best course of action to avoid this risk.

Providing the tenants of your apartment complex with adequate security can deter violence and provide prompt responses to these unwelcome events. The presence of security guards changes the way a criminal perceives your property. It also changes the way prospective tenants view the property. A safe home is worth paying higher for in the eyes of your future tenants.

N-Tact Security Officers can help make your apartment building safer.