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How to Find High-Quality Private Security Firms in Florida


There’s no denying that the world has become a more dangerous place. Business leaders, homeowners, and VIPs need to adapt to these changes and be prepared to protect themselves and others in a bad situation. The days when private security could be the old man at a warehouse with a whistle and baton are long past. People have higher expectations for private security, and not every security firm is up to the challenge. N-Tact Security is a high-quality private security firm that provides peace of mind for those who use our services.  

Industry-Best Security

Anyone looking for high-quality private security should consider N-Tact Security. We are committed to being the best in the industry. The mantra of N-Tact Security is Professional, Ethical, and Confidential. Our security officers are trained to take on any threat that could come their way and can be used to help in many different situations. As senseless gun violence becomes prevalent, even locations that were once unlikely targets now require a more hardened security presence. 

N-Tact for Every Security Need

No matter the security need, N-Tact Security can provide high-quality service for people in Florida. We also provide stationary security services, all event security, security protection for individuals, mobile patrols, residential and commercial building security, transportation security, and undercover investigations. This means you can enjoy the peace of mind you get from having N-Tact Security in almost any situation. 

Whether it’s a private party, escorting a dignitary, investigating a cheating partner, looking for shoplifters, patrolling a neighborhood or school, or protecting a celebrity, N-Tact Security treats every assignment as important and performs the duties professionally. Even when you’re headed on a trip, you can bring your N-Tact Security with you. Our officers can travel locally or internationally.

N-Tact Hires Only Licensed Officers

Finding a private security firm that can provide a high level of service is one of the challenges business owners face when protecting their staff and their property. N-Tact Security’s licensed Security Officers are highly trained and have qualifications that are well above the state’s minimum requirements. We only hire the best, and more than 60 percent of our officers are current or retired military and/or law enforcement personnel.

Additionally, our company’s professionals have been trained in defensive tactics, defensive driving techniques and life saving techniques such as CPR and AED. At N-Tact, we choose the best of the best. All our professionals have been vetted with complete background checks to ensure that our clients are getting the cream of the crop.

N-Tact Results: Peace of Mind

N-Tact’s commitment to high-quality private security shows in the result we provide to our clients. As one client described, “N-Tact Security has been providing our apartment complex with security for quite some time; the difference it has made can not be put into words! Our tenants are constantly reminding us how much safer and happier they are now that we have security!”

Getting high-quality security for your home or business is more important now than ever before. Find out how you can improve the quality of service you get from your private security firm. If you’re ready to find peace of mind through private security, contact N-Tact Security so we can discuss your security needs.