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How to Talk to your Kids about School Violence


We don’t live in the same world we did ten, fifteen, and twenty years ago. School safety is a primary concern for children and parents. School shootings and violence have increased in recent years, as well as bullying and drug use. Although there is always the possibility of a disturbance, the probability of that happening is relatively low. Reassure your kids that the chance of experiencing a high-profile violent act is minimal.

Validate their Feelings

It’s important to talk to kids about their feelings and listen to their questions as best as you can. It’s essential to wait for kids to express the right time to talk. Kids will often give clues that they are ready to express their feelings in more subtle ways. Kids will hover around you while you are doing chores or errands, wanting to talk.

Also, consider letting children express themselves in alternative outlets like music, drawing, and other art forms. Young children may need more concrete activities, such as drawing, picture books, and imaginative play, to get them to talk about their feelings.

Let Them Know that Their School is Secure

Even though there have been recent attacks in schools, the overwhelming number of school districts and buildings are safe. Security staff and sometimes the police are readily on hand daily in case of an issue. School staff works with local law enforcement, fire departments, emergency responders, and hospitals to keep children and staff safe.

In the 2017-2018 year, 95 percent of public schools reported that they controlled public schools’ access during school hours. Other safety measures reported by the schools included using security cameras to monitor school activity, requiring that staff and students wear name badges, and implementing dress codes for students.

Rules for School Safety

Talk to your kids about rules for school safety and security precautions put in place for the protection of the students and staff. If at all possible, learn the school’s emergency procedures. Emergency plans and emergency phone numbers are in the school handbook. Check the emergency exit routes and be aware of alternative ways to get in and out of the school. Take the time to know the security procedures posted in the school and classrooms. Know alternative routes to and from the school so that if there is an emergency, you can get to the school if roads are blocked. Report any bullying or questionable circumstances to the school officials. Talk to your kids about safety.

Be Proactive

Take the time to get to know your children’s school principals, teachers, and guidance counselors. Familiarize yourself with the security officials. If you have any questions about schools’ security measures, contact your local school or N-Tact Security for all of your security needs.