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Three Core Competencies at N-Tact Security


At N-Tact Security, we believe that what your security services offer makes a difference. We think there is a somewhat concrete way to evaluate the protection that you get from a professional physical security firm.


While many companies are looking at cybersecurity as a major industry, physical security is not on the decline. It continues to be a much-needed service for executives and others. Here are some of the things that we value in promoting our professional, ethical, and confidential security services.


Life-Saving Training


Everyone hires security and takes other precautions hoping that they will avoid an unfortunate accident or incident, but in the rare case that something bad does occur, having security personnel with life-saving training can ultimately change the outcome in a big way.


Having skills like CPR is incredibly valuable in this field, and that’s why we ensure this kind of training for our people. We invest inconsistent training and vetting in this area, as a best practice in this industry, not to mention others that are protective and work with people.


Defensive Driving


You may not go out on the road with our security team expecting to get involved in a spy versus spy car chase like you see in the movies – but defensive driving is valuable even in normal situations.


Part of our promise is to keep your people as safe as possible on the road – because auto accidents are all too common, and safe driving really eliminates certain kinds of danger. Because we are experienced in safe and defensive driving maneuvers, we’re able to get you where you need to be more effective and with less risk.




One thing that experienced security professionals start to understand is that patience is a big virtue in this line of work.


We may be doing stake-outs in order to achieve monitoring results or waiting for someone to come out of the building. Being patient and staying vigilant requires a large amount of concentration and, sometimes, cat-like reflexes. With the right training, these services become more competent.


Our security teams know the ins and outs of practical personal and physical security, which projects the confidence and poise that you want on your side in a challenging situation. Call us and ask about the wide range of services that we provide to clients in a professional, ethical and discrete way.


You don’t have to settle for some amateur action and sub-par security service! That’s not the way it should be. We offer more. Get peace of mind and fast, free quotes to get started.