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Tips For Securing Your Construction Site


Construction sites pose significant security challenges that must be met to ensure the safety of workers, structures, and equipment. Material theft is a significant source of financial loss for contractors faced with insurance deductibles, uninsured costs of production delays, replacing depreciated items, and time. Many of these costs are paid by the contractors and directly affect the project’s bottom line. 

The primary component in successful construction site security is proper planning. Preventing the theft of valuable materials and tools and securing the integrity of building structures begins with a solid security plan that consists of various elements. The following are tips for general contractors and subcontractors for creating and maintaining a safe and secure construction site. 

Start Planning Early

Creating a job site security plan prior to beginning the project is essential to security and safety. It is vital that a written plan be established in order to have all necessary components in place before equipment is on-site and work actually begins. This plan should include supervisory security responsibilities, security protocols, safety protocols, and employee directives.

Identify And Inventory Onsite Assets

You can’t keep materials safe if you don’t know what is onsite at a construction site at all times. Inventory and track materials, tools, and equipment regularly to stay on top of what is supposed to be on the property. This inventory check will make you aware of any missing items quickly so that authorities can be notified.

Secure The Site With Fencing

Proper fencing should be installed around the perimeter of the construction site as the first line of defense. Designating the private property and construction zone will also ensure your responsibilities are met for the safety of others. All the materials within the perimeter fencing that can be locked up should be, and vehicles and equipment should be equipped with hidden kill switches to disable ignitions.

Use Security Equipment For Monitoring

Security cameras should be installed where appropriate to monitor the construction site during on-duty and off-duty times. Consider having a singular access point to aid in the monitoring of who comes on and off-site. With effective lighting and cameras, you can effectively deter theft and vandalism and have evidence of crimes and suspicious behavior if any occur. 

Hire Professional Security Detail

The majority of your security concerns can be addressed by hiring professional security teams experienced in construction site security. N-Tact Security provides professional on-site security options for construction sites with an array of services provided by experienced personnel. 

When it comes to protecting your property at your construction site, N-Tact Security has you covered.